About Pim



About Pim


How this site is arisen and especially the name of the site
The origin of the name of this site starts with my father, René Timmerman. In the beginning of the nineties my father is getting very enthusiastic about sailing. He gets invited by a colleague to come sailing on this boat during Ascension day. This is a yearly returning trip with colleagues and acquaintances. My father is getting more and more enthusiastic and is carefully trying to get my mother enthusiastic as well. Eventually he succeeded in this and after years of camping, my parents decide to buy a sailing-yacht in the end of 1999.
A winner 950 (31 ft), which is delivered in the end of April 2000.
This new acquisition caused a dilemma, because the yacht should get a name. My mother was creative and invented a combination of letters from our family-names.
Els-PIm-MArije-REné, so Epimare, this became the name of our sailing-yacht and is baptised on the 29th of April 2000.

Ever since we sail the Dutch waters with this sailing-yacht.
First our berth was in Hellevoetsluis, but since 2007 Andijk became our home port.

Now something about me and the site Epimare.nl
After the first preparing years of secondary education in Naaldwijk, a choice had to be made for a specialisation. My school advised me to become a pastry-cook. This was not really what I wanted. After spending one night on the internet, I found the Shipping and Transport College in Rotterdam. They offered the education of Rhine- and inland. Because I had spent so much time on the water, during the sailing trips with my parents I liked the idea of becoming a navigating officer. After graduating on my secondary education in Naaldwijk, I continued with the education to become a navigating officer at the STC in Rotterdam. In June 2006 I graduated. After an internship I got a job at MSTrinagle BV. This is a ……… that transports coals, gravel and containers between the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

My hobby’s, are next to sailing, photographing and computers. Because of a combination of these hobby’s, this site is arisen.

During my trips on board of the Triangle I try to make unique photo’s and put them on this site. Furthermore I take pictures during holidays and other events, such as the world harbour days in Rotterdam.
It’s also possible to send in pictures. I can put them on this website.
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